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The success of your marketing efforts depend on your ability to reach your targeted market. Just because there is a big crowd and you handed out all 1,000 of your business cards do not mean that these people are your target market. Do not confuse numbers with the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Je suis comme chez nous. Chaque ann le Tournoi dure 11 jours et je travaille pendant les 11 jours. Je suis “c pour travailler jeudi et dimanche prochains. If others do need to believe in God to do those things then I am not going to be the one to take their God from them (even if I don’t think it would make a fig of a difference to how they choose to live). Thing is I have no reason to tell that person what to think or believe, I hate people telling me what to do and I am not going to do that myself. I guess I see it as being hypocritical, you know, believe like me or your stupid?.

I largely been on hiatus from running and the sub due to life/work/travel, but I hoping to get back on the wagon next week. Pushing off running again until Monday to let a new tattoo heal, so this weekend will be pretty chill. Sunday will be cleaning / organizing my life.

Rather than the expected “doulos” (slave) which Paul uses often as a self identification at the opening of his letters, here he employs “hupareteo” (helper). The word conveys the idea of one who serves, hence the common translation “servant,” but not in the profound sense of servitude that doulos carries (bondservant or slave). We could perhaps translate Paul’s phrase here as “helper” or “assistant to Christ.” Our ministry assists his ministry.

In this Tour, a wiser, warmer, more relaxed and more gracious Armstrong emerged. A more likeable Lance. He was Everyman rather than Superman. Why? In 2000, the United Nations adopted a diamond certification program known as the Kimberley Process, the goal of which was to keep blood diamonds those mined in war zones and used to finance conflict off the world market by certifying and tracking the provenance of every gem. But that tracking has been on paper, subject to fraud and alteration. Everledger records 40 points of metadata for each gem to create a unique digital thumbprint, and stores it in the IBM blockchain high security network service, which is by definition readable by many, but unchangeable.

It’s odd that one of the most famous figures of the 20th century is doing mutual fund ads just to stay in the public eye, but that’s showbiz. And can we really consider it selling out when what you crave above all else is to put your new art in front of your audience? I give the ad a B. This ad does help set Fidelity apart, but there’s a gaping disconnect here.

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