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Magic or reality – an installment loan without bank statements ? This question must be allowed when serious consideration is given to how a installment loan can be implemented without bank statements. Futher reading at

That this can work well, without the trick or magic must be, we want to show at this point.

Why without bank statements?

Why without bank statements?

Installment credit without account statements – paperless & unbureaucratic. Actually, bank statements are a matter of course for borrowing. The last calendar month is thus fully documented in terms of revenue and expenditure.

The bank or savings bank thus has the opportunity to obtain a good and, above all, complete overview of the finances. This not only determines how much money is left for the loan at the end of the month. It can also be seen how the general behavior around dear money is. And that’s important to be able to calculate the creditworthiness exactly.

However, there are consumers who do not like that. They are looking for a installment loan without bank statements, because they do not want to prove so completely, as it stands with their finances. Maybe because the account is overdrawn or because there are charges that could indicate debt. Where acute debts would always be shown with the Schufa and therefore can not be concealed.

Installment loan without bank statements – provider

Installment loan without bank statements - provider

Whether a bank offers a installment loan without bank statements is always an individual decision. Therefore, it can be said that in principle the credit can first be taken anywhere.

After all, it is up to the borrower to convince the bank or the savings bank. In order to do good persuasive work, it is important that there is a plausible explanation as to why the loan should be applied for without bank statements.

In addition, it must be possible to prove all income and expenses without the bank statement. A little more elaborate work that can be worthwhile. In terms of income, this is still pretty easy. Because a payslip you have at hand quickly. Also the rent can be occupied by rental contract. On the other hand, electricity, insurance, telephone and many other things are a bit more involved.

Again, the contracts would have to be found and presented accordingly. This is all feasible. All you have to do is schedule the time and find out everything in peace.

Installment loan without bank statements – admission

Installment loan without bank statements - admission

However, the bank should be asked for permission to accept the loan in this form in advance. Not that the trouble is in vain and the bank refuses such a loan. It would also be possible to take out the loan simply with the help of a co-applicant. Then you do not necessarily have to submit your own account statements.

This part could be taken by the co-applicant. On top of that, it would be possible to apply for a simple installment loan in the form of a dedicated loan from a dealer.

The money from the loan will not be paid out. But it flows directly into the purchase that was made. In addition, such loans usually work always without a bank statement. There are thus various possibilities to receive the desired credit without account statements. Everything is possible with the right approach, a good credit rating and a good reason. Also in this area of ​​borrowing.


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